The team

About us

With a new beach hotel in one of Nørre Vorupør’s existing buildings, close to the sea, we place quality at the center and create a space for experiences, community, and new acquaintances.

Our vision is to introduce the hotel guests to the many local qualities of Thy and to create a gathering place for everything – both local specialties, gourmet food, and great nature experiences.

In addition to the bistro and hotel, Vorupør Beach Hotel will also house Vø Surfshop. Here, we offer quality over quantity, with a focus on personal interaction and community.

With Vø Surfshop and its accompanying surf school, it is a short distance to the first natural experiences on the North Sea. And we can draw on our many years of experience as experience and event creators to give our guests the best experiences on water and land.

As the local tourism chief has stated, Thy’s guests want to be a part of everything – they want to be a bit Thyboer for a while. And it is precisely that feeling that we want to pass on.

We take our guests by the hand and take them out where they can have their souls blown clean.